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Right branding is essential to make a mark in the world of white label and print-on-demand. Let us help you create a unique and memorable brand identity to make your products stand out. With our expert branding services, your products will look great and create a lasting impression on your customers. Trust us to take your brand to new heights by crafting a branding strategy that aligns with your business goals.


Customize your apparel with a branded inside neck label featuring your name, logo, and tagline to personalize your product.

Note: Neck labels are printed and stored in 1000 quantities. They are heat-pressed on your t-shirt orders when you place an order.

Price: Rs. 5 per label

Quantity: 1000 minimum

Design Requirements
Size: 1.5 x 2.5 inches
Color: Multicolor labels
Trim extra spaces


  • Constantly reminds of your brand
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Improve customer experience
  • Boosts brand loyalty


    Spice up your product game with our custom hangtags! Add personality to your products with eye-catching tags that make your brand stand out. Let's hang(tag) out and take your product to the next level!

    Price Rs. 3 - 7 per tag

    Quantity 1000 minimum

    Size: 3.5 x 2 inches

    Material & Types
    300 GSM : Rs. 3 per tag
    350 GSM Texture Paper: Rs. 5 per tag
    800 GSM Texture Paper: Rs. 7 per tag

    Design Requirements
    Color: Multicolor labels
    Front and Back Print
    Trim extra spaces


  • Gives a premium brand feel
  • Hard to miss out
  • Eye-catching
  • Boosts brand values

  • Custom Packaging

    Tamper-proof courier poly bags
    Unboxing is like unwrapping a present - it's exciting and fun! So why settle for a plain package when you can have a custom-made one that will make your customers fall in love with your brand right from the moment they open the box?

    Price: Rs. 12 per bag

    Quantity: 1000 minimum

    Bag Size: 10 x 14 inches

    Material: 60-micron polybag

    Design Requirements
    Print Color: Black
    Printable Area: 8 x 10 inches
    Transparent PNG File


  • Create an unboxing experience
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Hype your customers when they get their order
  • Fun packaging can make your brand go viral

  • Custom Branding FAQs

    Custom branding services refer to the process of creating a unique and tailored brand identity for a business. This involves designing a specific logo, choosing a color scheme, creating brand guidelines, and developing a brand strategy that aligns with the business's values and goals. The goal is to create a distinctive brand that stands out from competitors and resonates with the target audience.

    The minimum quantity for any branding service is 1000.

    1. Branding helps in creating brand recognition, making it easier for customers to identify and remember your products.
    2. It builds brand loyalty, as customers are more likely to trust and remain loyal to a familiar brand.
    3. A strong brand image can differentiate your products from competitors, helping to establish a unique identity in the market.
    4. Branding creates an emotional connection with customers, which can lead to increased sales and customer retention.
    5. It can also increase the perceived value of your products, allowing you to charge a premium price for your offerings.

    Custom branding is a powerful tool for boosting brand awareness. By creating a unique and recognizable visual identity for your brand, you can make it stand out from the competition and stay top of mind with your target audience. Consider developing a consistent color palette, typography, and imagery that reflects your brand values and personality.
    You can then apply these elements to all your marketing materials, from your website and social media profiles to your business cards and packaging. Using custom branding consistently across all touchpoints can create a cohesive and memorable brand experience that resonates with your audience and leaves a lasting impression.

    No, Printchester is not mentioned anywhere on the product and packaging.

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