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No inventory
No inventory
No investment

Sell t shirts online under your brand for free.

No minimum quantity
No minimum quantity
No stocking up

Run your t shirt business online with print on demand

Create designs
Create designs
Generate mockups

Use our inbuilt tools to create and sell your own custom t shirts online

Why sell t-shirts online?

Be your own boss
Be your own boss
Run your business from home
Run your business from home
Design your own t shirts
Design your own t shirts
Build your brand
Build your brand
Wardrobe essential
Wardrobe essential
Versatile clothing product
Versatile clothing product
Scale your brand anytime
Scale your brand anytime
Make unlimited profits
Make unlimited profits

How to start your t-shirt business online?

Decide a t-shirt niche
1. Decide a t-shirt niche.

Pick a successful niche. Plan what you want to sell and to whom.

Set up your store and connect with Printchester.
2. Set up your store and connect with Printchester.

Build your online t-shirt store on eCommerce platforms and connect with Printchester for auto-fulfillment.

Create your designs.
3. Create your designs.

Create or source your own designs or use the design tool.

List your products.
4. List your products

Generate mockups using mockups generator and list your t-shirts online.

Promote your store.
5. Promote your store

Use social media and advertisements to promote your products online.

Scale and profit.
6. Scale and profit

Market your products effectively while we handle the fulfillment.

Integrate your online store with Printchester

Print on demand vs. Traditional Retail Fulfillment

Print on Demand
Pros Cons
No inventory management Higher per-unit cost
No inventory required Longer shipping times
Lower startup costs Limited control over the fulfillment process
Offer a wide range of designs
Test new designs quickly and easily
More environmentally friendly, as it reduces waste
Bulk Fulfilment or Traditional Retail Fulfillment
Pros Cons
Lower per-unit cost Requires stocking inventory
Faster shipping times Higher upfront costs
More customization options Limited ability to offer a wide variety of designs
Risk of overstocking and wasting inventory
Requires additional cost to manage inventory

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can make money by selling t-shirts online. It can be a profitable and enjoyable business, but it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and creativity. You need to come up with catchy designs, find a reliable supplier, set up an online store, and promote your products effectively to attract customers. However, if you are willing to put in the effort and have a passion for fashion and design, selling t-shirts online can be a rewarding and lucrative venture.

GST is not mandatory for starting a t-shirt business online in India. However, According to the GST Act, if your annual turnover exceeds Rs. 20 lakhs (Rs. 10 lakhs for North Eastern and hill states), you are required to register for GST. Even if your turnover is less than the threshold limit, it is advisable to register for GST as it will help you claim the input tax credit.

A good t-shirt design is subjective, but it typically involves a combination of creativity, visual appeal, and relevance to the wearer or audience. Some key elements of a good t-shirt design include

1. A clear message or concept

2. An eye-catching color scheme, and

3. A well-executed design that complements the shape and style of the shirt.

Additionally, a good t-shirt design should be able to stand the test of time and remain relevant and stylish for years to come.
You can market your custom t-shirt business on

1. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc.

2. Word of mouth.

3. Trade shows and events.

4. Email marketing.

5. SEO and content marketing.

To start a t-shirt business using Printchester, follow these steps:

1.Visit the Printchester website and Sign up

2.Choose the type of t-shirts you want to sell, and select the colors and sizes you want to offer.

3. Create your designs using Printchester's Design Tools or upload your own designs.

4. Set your prices and add your designs to your online store.

5. Promote your store using social media and other marketing channels to attract customers.

Printchester will handle your printing, shipping, and customer service, so you can focus on growing your business. Good luck with your new venture!