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Reasons for returns:

Courier-based return services:

When an order is marked as "Returning to Origin" (RTO) and fails to be delivered, it turns out to be a courier return. The potential explanations of the order identified as RTO are outlined below.

  • Customer not contactable
  • Incomplete address
  • COD amount not ready
  • Future delivery requested by the customer
  • Self-pickup requested by the customer
  • Customer refused delivery
  • Door/premises/office closed
  • Pincode not serviceable

PRINTCHESTER, 1244, Sector 29, Alpha International City Karnal-132001, Haryana, is the default return address in this case. We will update your merchant account and send you a message if you have registered for updates as soon as we receive your returned shipment. Currently, using a custom return address is not permissible because not all courier services support it.

Action needed for orders returned via courier.

In case an order is returned, PRINTCHESTER will retain the returns free of charge for 30 days following the date the order is marked as RTO.

Within these thirty days, you can have the order transferred to yourself or any other location; otherwise, we will give the order to an organization that supports charities. Kindly be aware that once beyond this time, you cannot manage the returned orders in any way.

Furthermore, please be aware that PRINTCHESTER will not be held responsible for the RTO and that no refunds will be handled by us if the pin code becomes inoperative after the order is placed.

Incorrect Address: If the courier staff discovers that the address you submitted for delivery is incomplete and you wish to seek an address correction, you will be billed Rs. 65 + GST for correcting the address once the shipment starts its journey.

Customer Returns:

Issues related to the quality of the product.

If a consumer receives a misprinted, damaged, or defective product, they have two days from the date of delivery to report the issue to PRINTCHESTER. Any claims for lost or damaged items in transit must be made no later than two days following the scheduled delivery date.

Customer's rejection:

Since the product is customized for the customer's requirements, you have to deal with any returns or rejections of this kind. Changes to the size or color of an order are not refundable. Thus, you have to pay for and decide to make such changes. If you decide to accept or provide exchanges to your end users, a new order must be placed at your expense for an updated modification.

Response to returned orders.

Once received by PRINTCHESTER, orders that are returned because of inaccurate addresses or rejected by customers are marked as "Returned to origin" (RTO) under the Manage Returns page in the Merchant D. After the order is designated as RTO, PRINTCHESTER will hold onto the returns for 30 days. During that time, the merchant can reship the order to themselves or another address; if not, the order will be donated to an organization that supports charities. After this time, the merchant will not be able to handle the returned orders in any way.


Customer-initiated cancellations.

If we receive a request for cancellation and the order hasn't been completed by us, we'll cancel it immediately and credit your PRINTCHESTER Wallet with the entire price. The cancellation request will not be accepted if the product has already been printed and sent. In these situations, the product goes through its standard lifecycle.

Cancellation initiated by PRINTCHESTER.

We might not be able to accept an order in some situations, in which case we would have to cancel it. In our sole judgment, we retain the right to reject or cancel any order for any reason. Your order could be canceled for various reasons, such as limitations on the quantity you can buy, incorrect information about the goods or price, or issues found by our credit and fraud prevention department. Before approving any order, we can additionally want more information or confirmation. If your order is canceled in whole or in part, or if further information is needed to process it, we will contact you. If you decide to cancel your order after being charged, the money will be refunded to your merchant wallet during the next 15-day cycle of account maintenance.

Refund process.

If the order is cancelled and a refund is authorized, the amount will be credited to your Merchant Wallet.

You can use your amount for future orders from PRINTCHESTER.

The consumer consents to accept PRINTCHESTER's decision about cancellation and not argue against it.

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